Does the PDI pay for Subject Matter Training?


The quick answer is “NO,” but we do provide assistance!

The PDI charter only allows us to pay for the certification examination and provide a refresher course that covers only the certification examinations “Body of Knowledge.”


We call these refresher courses “Pre-Examination Reviews” or “PERs.”


Teachers should have sufficient knowledge and skill to pass the examination prior to applying for the grant. The PERs are refreshers to help teachers score higher on the examinations.


The PDI provides three types of PERs, Self-Study, Facilitated Study Groups and Vendor Taught. In each type, the cost of the certification examination is covered.

  • Self-Study – Teachers can apply for reimbursement up to $150 towards the cost of study materials such as, online training, books, manuals, or courses.
  • Facilitated Study Groups – Groups of 5 or more teachers can join together with a facilitator (who will be paid by the PDI). Groups can meet as long as necessary.
  • Vendor Taught – School systems that do not have a teacher who is able to facilitate a study group can request a commercial vendor to provide the PER.