How my school system can host a Pre-Exam Review?


Career & Technical Education Director or Supervisor simply needs to initiate a “Hosting Application” and email it to the PDI.


School Systems are encouraged to consider utilizing the Internal Facilitated Study Group option otherwise, provide justification for choosing the more expensive Vendor taught option.


Please be sure to read and sign the agreement on page 2 of the Hosting Request and then scan and email it to Maraci Wallace at the PDI.


Page 2 is very important as it spells out the PDI obligations as well as the school system obligations.


The more important items are:

#3 – No reimbursement for teachers who do not sit for the exam.
#4 – All Agreements are void after May 30th – June PERs will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
#7 & 8 – These items apply only to Facilitated Study Group PERs.
#9 – 12 – These items only apply if a Commercial Vendor has been approved for this application.


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