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CTE Teachers who have applied and have been approved for reimbursement of expenses related to certifications must sit for the certification examination and must submit the following via email before May 30th:

  1. Reimbursement application
  2. Results of the certification examination
  3. Receipts for any self-study books/manuals or online training/review courses (up to $150)
  4. Receipts for certification Examination
  5. Completed W-9 Form

The PDI mini-grant is funded by the Florida Department of Education on an annual basis, and the Self-Study portion of the grant will be ending on May 30th.

If you have not already taken the certification examination you requested, PLEASE do so before the deadline, and then submit the Reimbursement Form and supporting documentation before MAY 30th.  Scan the forms and submit by email, and don’t forget to fill in the W-9 form (you can’t be paid without it being included).

If you submit these documents after May 30th you will NOT be reimbursed because we will no longer have the funds to make the payment.

05.15.2018 by PDI

We have expended our funds and will not be receiving any more applications for this school year.

04.30.2018 by PDI

CTE Administrators use the handout below to promote the use of “Facilitated Study Groups” to study for Program Certifications using your own teachers as paid facilitators.

Use Your Own Teachers Handout


10.17.2017 by PDI